We're Movin' on Up!

Come on now, you all remember the Jeffersons.  Sing it with me.
Well, except that we're not really moving "up", more east I think.  But the reason it's big news is that we are moving to a house in the country.  As in septic tank country! For realz!  The house also has quite a bit of land so we are - God willing - going to try our hand at some true-blue homesteading.  Chicken coops, bee hives, maybe goats, and of course sustainable agriculture with canning and freezing to maximize sustainability.
Now, stop chewing on your finger nails, I know what your thinking, "But what does this mean for me?"  
It means that though CWI will continue chronicling my attempts at craftiness, I will probably be inundating you with tedious descriptions of how a California-raised city girl is going to try to hew a working farm out of this rugged Canadian landscape.   (You know I'm kidding right?  Niagara is the Napa Valley of Canada)

Not mine ... actually from an American Greetings Card: "The Road Not Taken" (seriously)


  1. Wow! Sounds... adventurous, interesting, refreshing, difficult, ambitious... And awesome! Good luck in the new place!

  2. That is totally Awesome!!! MashaAllah :D MAbruk!!!

  3. Congratulations on your move, keep us posted on your crafting, decorating and animal rearing haha x